BNC Bank
Drive thru & ATM
1323 Grandin Rd SW | 540.777.1790                   


Kessler Design
Print & Web Design, Illustration
1905 Arden Rd SW | 540.343.3290                   


Gretchen Coleman Commissioning Group, llc
Gretchen Coleman, PE, CCP, CxA, EMP
1911 Memorial Ave, SW | 540.589.5790    

Specializing in new construction, renovation and existing building commissioning services; facility assessments; ESCO review and commissioning; and design review services.

  • Certified SWaM owned company in Virginia
  • Certified HUB in North Carolina.         


Starlight Bikes

Grandin’s neighborhood bike shop. Starlight is a full service bike shop with new bikes, accessories, and a repair department with the fastest turnaround in town.

1502 Grandin Rd SW | 540.400.6684            

Two Roosters Kettle Corn & Coffee Co.
Focusing on small, hand-made batches of both kettle corn and coffee, we bring to the market a product that will have you reaching for more! From our wonderfully delicious, sweet and salt, nonGMO kettle corn, to our amazingly fresh and aromatic coffees, we are rooted in Grandin Village and proud to call it home!
1820 Memorial Ave, SW | 540.520.4210                




Virginia Farm Bureau
Live local. Buy local.
1422 Grandin Rd SW | 540.342.2626